The 17th International Symposium on Transport Phenomena and Dynamics of Rotating Machinery (commonly called  ISROMAC 17) took place from 16th to 21th December 2017. Some of FLEXTURBINE members were present. 

At this occasion, FLEXTURBINE efforts have been rewarded! A paper presenting some results from FLEXTURBINE work won the 2nd price for the Best Presentations!

This paper, entitled "Design of a static test rig for advanced seals and air bearing testing" was presented by Anna Zimmermann and has been co-writed by A. Zimmermann, R. H. M. Giepman, Q. T. Nguyen Tran, C. Aalburg, V. Gummer. 

 Anna Zimmermann

We´re glad to share these promising work with you. 

Don´t hesitate to get more information about the topics of the meeting here and to get a quick access to the papers.