Will thermal power plants still be required in 2030? Are thermal power plants a “transitional technology”?
These and other questions are being answered through FLEXTURBINE consortium partners at the Open Discussion Forum held in Brussels on 9 March 2017.

With the growing share of renewable power in the energy mix, the role of thermal power plants is shifting from providing base-load power to generating fluctuating back-up power. This back-up power is necessary in order to control and stabilize the electricity system. The EU-funded research project FLEXTURBINE is therefore devoted to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions for existing and future power plants. New and highly efficient thermal power plants are meant to meet the need of flexible high load changes within the European power grid in order to secure sustainable renewable energy and to achieve EU economic and emissions targets.
Based on its first project results, the FLEXTURBINE consortium invited to an Open Discussion Forum on the potential of power plant optimization for the future energy market.