The FLEXTURBINE project lasts 36 months and is organised in 5 major work packages. It is structured around the research and innovation processes to develop, validate and assess new turbomachinery designs for base load operation of power plants.


defines work package requirements using power plant whole engine flexibility models, track progress of new technology from WP developments, towards the overall project goals in consultation with UCG. WP1 will also determine the whole engine flexibility impact of the project’s technology developments by evaluating the results and comparing the whole engine results to EU targets.

investigates the phenomena and mitigate the risks of consequent hardware faults.

optimises the sealing and bearing systems of gas and steam turbines for flexible operation with regard to performance, availability and increased component lifetime focussing on tests at full engine mode.

develops improved fatigue lifetime methods for flexible operational modes with the targeted increase of daily starts and load changes. The emphasis is on advanced tests of material specimens for validation of lifetime prediction models.

includes the technical coordination, the day-to-day project management, the awareness creation in the stakeholder and policy maker community, the engagement with the User Consultation Group and IPR management.