The FLEXTURBINE consortium is built around an industrially initiated nucleus: Core representatives of the European turbine industry have joined forces and involved leading European universities and research institutes to address the identified research and technology questions. They will cooperate to achieve the project objectives, sharing experience and know-how and developing results with complementary skills. The following figure outlines the contributions of each partner to the FLEXTURBINE topics and the impact on the future market drivers for flexible energy generation.
The consortium setup comprises all steps of the value chain and thus ensures that the technology is applied as soon as possible. The industrial design capabilities are complemented by selected high profile university departments, which are also involved in modelling activities as well as in preforming rig and component tests.

Fig. 1 - Partners Contribution and Impact


Consortium Map & Partner Details

Technische Unviersitaet Dresden

TUDD belongs to the largest universities in Germany and takes a top position among the best German universities. TUDD has entered the excellence contest of the German universities. 5 excellence clusters and one graduate school have been applied. In addition the strategic network “Dresden Research and Education Synergies for the Development of Excellence and Novelty – DRESDEN-concept” has been developed together with the institutes of the Max Planck, Helmholtz and Leibniz societies located in Dresden. Energy and materials are among the priorities. Research and education in energy are mainly focused on efficient and low emission energy technologies and systems, high performance materials, energy management, utility grids, energy storage and sustainable energy supply for conurbations. With its research capabilities and unique experimental facilities TUDD’s novel “Centre for Energy Technology” funded by the EC-EFRE programme and co-funded by Saxony will take an important role in FLEXTURBINE.

Role in the project

TUDD’s research activities in FLEXTURBINE comprise design investigations and numerical analyses for the novel high temperature cyclic test rig (HTCTR), based on the following capabilities and assets:

• Centre for Energy Technology (commissioning and operation of a steam injected gas turbine)

• High temperature gas test rig for feature specimen testing (operating at environmental pressure)

• CAD, ANSYS and other computer codes for numerical analyses.

TUDD’s major contributions to the project concern the design, providing support for procurement, manu-facturing, erection and commissioning of HTCTR. Following engine compatible test samples will be tested in HTCTR under ambitious thermal and mechanical boundary conditions. These tests will be carried out by a defined number of equivalent operating hours respectively until a predefined failure criteria. TUDD already performed a preliminary feasibility study of HTCTR and has a vast amount of experience regarding planning, design and commissioning of high temperature rigs and novel gas turbine processes.


Personnel involved

Prof. Uwe Gampe

Director of the “Centre for Energy Technology” of TUDD and Professor for Thermal 

Power Machinery and Plants, Member of Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre (UTC) “Lightweight Structures and Materials” and invited guest of the permanent working group “Gas turbines” of VGB PowerTech (European Association of Electricity and Heat Generation Industry). Teaching principles of turbomachinery, steam and gas turbines, fluid transportation systems, environmental issues of power plants, thermal power machinery and plants for industrial engineers, gas turbines for automotive engineering, design of pressure equipment and piping systems, introduction to mechanical engineering, External training courses in “Design, Operation, Materials and Lifing Issues of Gas Turbines” and “Design Principles of Steam Turbine Stages”.

Dr.-Ing. Mario Raddatz

Senior Assistant of the Chair of Thermal Power Machinery and Plants, expert and group leader

 for high temperature component life. Comprehensive experience in project management and networking (Rolls-Royce UTC, projects with leading manufacturers in the energy sector), teaching and drafting for university study in power engineering.

Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Thiele

Karl Hoffmann

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