The FLEXTURBINE consortium is built around an industrially initiated nucleus: Core representatives of the European turbine industry have joined forces and involved leading European universities and research institutes to address the identified research and technology questions. They will cooperate to achieve the project objectives, sharing experience and know-how and developing results with complementary skills. The following figure outlines the contributions of each partner to the FLEXTURBINE topics and the impact on the future market drivers for flexible energy generation.
The consortium setup comprises all steps of the value chain and thus ensures that the technology is applied as soon as possible. The industrial design capabilities are complemented by selected high profile university departments, which are also involved in modelling activities as well as in preforming rig and component tests.

Fig. 1 - Partners Contribution and Impact


Consortium Map & Partner Details


BHGE offers a large portfolio of highly reliable machinery and equipment for all segments of the oil & gas industry. With a global installed base of more than 20,000 units from production through transportation and processing into finished products, Nuovo Pignone is one of the industry's major suppliers of turbomachinery, compressors, pumps, static equipment and metering systems. In particular, BHGE contributes a profound expertise in the fields of gas turbines and compression technologies, gas re-injection for enhanced oil recovery and pipeline transportation. The engineering department is involved in many projects together with firms and universities of recognized technological standing, also as part of programmes sponsored by the EC and Ministerial National Plans.

Role in the project

BHGE is interested in leading edge technologies able to provide more reliable and competitive tur-bomachinery products for customers. BHGE will contribute to FLEXTURBINE consortium in the work package WP4 Lifecycle Management. Here, the focus lies within developing design criteria together with the consortium for industrial gas turbine turbomachinery components.  

BHGE will develop a component lifing approach for one critical component with respect to  non-standard operating conditions defined in FLEXTURBINE specification according to WP4 effort.

Personnel involved

Iacopo Giovannetti

Dr Giovannetti joined GE Oil & Gas (previous name for BHGE) in 2006 as Material Engineer in Material and Process 

Engineering de-partment, his current position is high temperature material team manager. Dr Giovannetti has collected more than 20 papers presented in international conference or published in scientific journals and more than 10 patents covering a wide range of fields, i.e. from ceramic coatings, polymeric and ceramic matrix composite materials, SX alloys to powder metal and additive Manufacturing. Dr Giovannetti holds a Master Degree in Mechanical engineering and a PhD in Turbomachinery from Firenze University, Italy.

Massimo Giannozzi

Materials and Processes Engineering Manager at GE Oil and Gas Florence

Grazia Colacicco

Erica Scrinzi

Dr. Erica Scrinzi joined GE O&G in 2012 as lead engineer/technologist in Material & Process Engineering department. She is currently working in High Temperature Materials team focusing on superalloys and coatings for heavy duty gas turbines.  She graduated in Materials Engineering in 2008 at the University of Trento and obtained the PhD in Science and Materials Engineering in 2011.


 Nicola Meuli 

Dr. Nicola Meuli joined GE O&G in 2012 as Quality Engineer. He is currently working as Program Manager in New Project Introduction in department of Product Leadership.

He graduated in Computer Engineering in 2009 at the University Politecnica delle Marche, specialized in Automation and Management. In 2012 he obtained the Master in General Management and Administrator.