The FLEXTURBINE consortium is built around an industrially initiated nucleus: Core representatives of the European turbine industry have joined forces and involved leading European universities and research institutes to address the identified research and technology questions. They will cooperate to achieve the project objectives, sharing experience and know-how and developing results with complementary skills. The following figure outlines the contributions of each partner to the FLEXTURBINE topics and the impact on the future market drivers for flexible energy generation.
The consortium setup comprises all steps of the value chain and thus ensures that the technology is applied as soon as possible. The industrial design capabilities are complemented by selected high profile university departments, which are also involved in modelling activities as well as in preforming rig and component tests.

Fig. 1 - Partners Contribution and Impact


Consortium Map & Partner Details


Created in 1987, ARTTIC is a European 

provider of management services for international collaborative R&D projects. The ARTTIC group comprises several companies with offices in France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Israel. ARTTIC's total staff adds up to about 60 persons, all specialised in the provision of advice and practical assistance in the set up and management of international R&D collaborations.

Role in the project

ARTTIC has two main responsibilities in the project and is involved in WP5: 

ARTTIC will coordinate and practically support dissemination and communication actions. ARTTIC will be responsible for the elaboration of the dissemination and communication plan, the production of dissemination material (leaflet, public website, etc.), and the organisation of project dissemination events, such as the FLEXTURBINE internal and final open workshops. 

Furthermore, ARTTIC will be in charge of the Project Office. ARTTIC will provide the methods and tools to support the collaboration within the consortium and to manage the project. It will support the consortium in daily management and administrative tasks to ensure the collaboration is working efficiently, the project is properly monitored and decisions and actions are prepared and taken according to the project progress. ARTTIC will provide methods, tools and operational support for the collaboration within the consortium and to simplify as much as possible the work of the R&D staff.


Personnel involved

Dr. Martin Dietz

Pauline Grelier

Balazs Kern